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NOT CAROL is a feature length documentary examining the harrowing case of Carol Coronado, a devoted mother, who took the lives of her three young daughters while suffering from postpartum mental illness.


When Carol Coronado killed her three young daughters on May 20, 2014, no one could believe it. Carol had always been a model mother — loving, attentive, engaged. But like hundreds of other mothers who’ve killed their children or themselves each year, Coronado was suffering from Postpartum Psychosis at the time of her crime. No one could see it, so no one could stop it. With exclusive access to the Coronado family and legal team, NOT CAROL investigates the taboo world of maternal mental health and a judicial system riddled with archaic laws and chronic misunderstanding.  Carol’s story shines a light on a public health epidemic that is enormous in scale and no one is talking about.

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